ANTS Approach

An Integrated Approach - ANTS Montessori Pre-School offers an integrated Montessori & Pre-school learning environment for children between 1 to 6 years. ANTS attempts to provide the best of the both worlds by combining Montessori Method and Traditional classroom learning. This hybrid teaching style opens a new world to children providing them the experience of child centered Montessori Method and a teacher-led structured environment to achieve key milestones. Our approach embraces a “whole child” approach giving equal importance to all forms of education; physical, intellectual, social and emotional growth. 

ANTS Children are encouraged to work independently while also engaging in teacher led group lessons and activities, which gives a chance for self-discover while structuring them and setting expectations according to what the teacher needs to accomplish.  All the materials on the shelves have special purpose like teaching exercises for Practical life, refining senses, working on Math, etc. Each material in Montessori Method is designed to enhance an academic or social skill for the children and give the children the independence to reinforce learning of the skills they choose at their own pace.  The group lessons give the students the opportunity to share the learning experience with the group and extend and reflect upon their knowledge, while these group lessons (structured and teacher-led) may not be allowed to choose the separate topics, the curriculum is still set to cater to each individual child with work geared toward their level and performance

Teachers as facilitators to learning - During the Montessori work hours, teachers are more like facilitators who observe the child’s work through materials and intervene only when it is required to help a child, this gives the child an opportunity to work in uninterrupted environments perfecting his skills, satisfy his inner-needs, while becoming more self-assured, calm and relaxed about his surroundings. During the Group lessons (Traditional class room sessions) teachers take active role in providing the structured curriculum, which is in-line with the public & private schools      

Extended Family Environment - ANTS offer ‘an extended family’ environment of warmth, safety and child-centric environment. Each child is given individual attention and the curriculum is structured towards individual learning and self- paced. Teachers are facilitators’ respecting each child’s right to self-discovery and self-discipline, while guiding the child to explore, play, learn and perfect an abstract concept through purposeful material. 

Best of both worlds - ANTS pulls together and balances the best of both Traditional and Montessori teaching methods to give the best educational experience to the children during the formative years of 1- 6 years and develop whole & happy child . This flexibility and balance approach adapted by ANTS gives children an easy path to adapt to both Montessori and Traditional public and private schools in their later years 

ANTS’ informative website is a place to begin your understanding of Montessori education and integrated approach.  After familiarizing yourself with the concepts and information, we invite you to schedule a school tour and classroom observation.  Direct observation is the best way to help determine if ANTS Montessori Pre-School is right for you and your child.  We look forward to hearing from you and showing you our school.