Our Team

Mrs. Komal R Akula (Directress), is passionate about developing a ‘whole child’ and providing young adults with the best care and environment to learn. She is credentialed from International Montessori Teachers Training Institute and enjoys the Montessori approach of ‘Hands On’ and facilitating a ‘Global Environment’ for children to succeed in 21st century demands. During her stay in Australia with her young son, she got introduced to structured and time tested ways of Dr. Maria Montessori schooling and this first- hand experience has created a last impression and desire to provide such an environment back home to our young adults. Once back home she has started her journey as a Montessori Teacher with ABC Montessori, she is the thought behind the inception of ANTS Montessori Pre-school and integrated approach of combining the best of both worlds of Montessori and Traditional approach. She enjoys & excels in Montessori School administration Prior to delving into Montessori Pre-schooling, her full time work was to enjoy parenting her young son and provide him a safe-net and caring environment at home. She also had a growing corporate career with GetIT Infomedia Ltd & eConz IT Services Pvt Ltd in Sales and Marketing field before leaving for Overseas.

" She enjoys playing Badminton, Photography and Swimming "

Mrs. Komal R Akula (Directress)

Mrs. Shushobitha G K (Directress) is a graduate in psychology and specialized in child psychology and counselling. She enjoys understanding young children’s behavior and nurture them towards a “creative mind”, establish apparatus that develops them in all three facets physical, mental and emotional. She has been attracted to Dr.Maria Montessori’s philosophy of ‘Child Centered Learning’, scientific ways of imparting education to all including differently abled children and belief in children learning more by ‘doing’ not by passively accepting education in Traditional classroom setup. She is credentialed from International Montessori Teachers Training Institute and started her journey of educationist as a Montessori Teacher in ABC Montessori, she has laid the strong foundations and principles of integrated approach towards learning via ANTS Montessori Pre-School. Being a mother of two boys, she has bundles of patience and wherewithal experience to mold children with ‘Values’, she is well supported by her husband Dr.Devaraj – Orthopedic surgeon, consulting in HOSMAT

"  She enjoys social work and passionate towards serving spastics society "

Mrs. Shushobitha G K (Directress)

Mrs.Mamatha Yadav(  Principal )I mamatha yadav back ground of IT ,as a principal I would like to pen few lines ,my passion and skill is to mould young kids to face this high level of competition in academic as well as sports. Its my duty to transform the little kids to wonderful ,dutiful citizens and adhering to strict human valves.

Mrs.Mamatha Yadav(  Principal )

Our Team